Kim Fisher, son of world famous treasures hunters Mel and Dolores Fisher, still begins every treasure hunt with the same optimistic motto coined by his late father: “Today’s the day!”

For Mel and Dolores, treasure hunting was a family affair so it’s not surprising that by the age of 16, Kim Fisher was already the trusted captain of the family’s salvage recovery vessel, the “Southwind.”

The Fisher’s ultimate 1985 discovery of one of Florida’s most elusive shipwrecks — the Spanish Galleon, “Nuestra Señora de Atocha,” is legendary. And while the decades long hunt eventually brought in a whopping $450 million of gold and silver coins, as well as a mind boggling trove of precious jewels, Kim continued his parent’s unwavering quest to discover even more lost treasure.

Today, as President/CEO of the various Mel Fisher Family Enterprises, he leads the Mel Fisher treasure hunting team and develops new treasure hunting techniques that have netted millions more in new artifacts.

Back on land, the family’s world-class conservation laboratory ensures that the priceless treasures live on for generations.
Sounds pretty glamorous, doesn’t it? Well, before you dive in, know this: despite the Fisher’s heralded success, treasure hunting is an expensive business and some years it can be a total wash out. So why keep doing it? Because it’s just so damn much fun, that’s why.

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