Key West’s renovated cigar-makers’ cottages, historical restorations and lavish Victorian mansions create an intriguing architectural fusion unlike anywhere else.

Fact is, Key West’s historic Old Town contains what is believed to be the largest predominantly wooden historic district in the US, featuring almost 3,000 structures. And while it’s always fun to stroll by the doorsteps of these beautiful buildings, it’s even better when you can actually go inside and see the amazing interiors.

Now in its 59th year, Key West Home Tours™ unlocks the mystery of what’s behind many of Key West’s most intriguing front doors.

Presented by the nonprofit Old Island Restoration Foundation (OIRF), the annual tours are one of the oldest and longest running in America. The tours are also an integral component of OIRF’s ongoing mission to promote the restoration and preservation of Key West’s historically significant buildings.

Each tour features five lovely homes and gardens reflecting the varied tastes and originality of their owners. This year, the tours will also include a “Bonus 6th Stop” at some of the island’s historic inns/hotels that will serve free drinks and nibbles.

The first tour scheduled from 3 – 7pm on Wednesday, December 28 and on Thursday, December 29, spotlights a group of homes festively dressed for the holidays. Subsequent weekend tours are planned for January 18 &19; February 15 & 16; and March 15 &16. Info and tickets at 305-294-9501;