That sweet transvestite and his motley crew are back for the “Time Warp,” and it’s better than ever baby!

Richard O’Brien’s legendary campy horror and comedy musical takes to the stage at Key West’s Waterfront Playhouse on Saturday, October 19 through Friday, October 25th, for a wild ride you don’t want to miss.

What, you’ve never heard about Rocky Horror?

This raunchy 46-year-old B-movie-inspired cult show follows the misadventures of two squeaky-clean college kids: Brad (Arthur Crocker) and his naive fiancée Janet (Belle Jampol). When, by a twist of fate, their car breaks down outside a creepy mansion they meet the charismatic Dr. Frank-N-Furter along with a host of crazy, quirky and horny characters including “Rocky” (Nick Mazza), an artificially made young beefcake wearing nothing but skimpy gold lame briefs, who launches into song during his first minute of life.

Through it all, the mansion’s inhabitants sing and dance through a bacchanalian romp of murder, bisexuality, and cannibalism.

Acclaimed performer, Christopher Peterson, grabs the role of alien transvestite Dr. Frank-N- Furter who struts about the stage with a delicious amount of sass and confidence. He is every inch the schlocky, deviant, mad scientist, psychopath, cross-dressing alien we’ve all come to know and love from this cult classic.

Directed by Tom Thayer, the cult show features timeless classics, including Sweet Transvestite, Damn it Janet, and of course, the pelvic-thrusting Time Warp.

FYI: Dressing up is a must, so break out the sequins, corsets, and stockings. Perfect for Fantasy Fest week!