Meet Renaissance Woman, Nance Frank. As a master sailor who’s raced around the world chasing Gold Cups, there’s nothing Nance loves more than “burying the rail” in a rolling sea with the wind at her back.

Except for one other thing. It’s a passion that resonates deep within Nance Frank’s soul: curating art and promoting local artists at her legendary The Gallery on Greene in Key West’s Historic Seaport.

The Key West native has been involved in the island’s art scene as long as she can remember. In addition to operating The Gallery on Greene, Nance has authored several books on renowned Key West artist, Mario Sanchez and coordinated the donation of his work to the Smithsonian. She’s also curated museums in Switzerland and Chile, and she’s served as a founding board member for several local art associations and foundations.

With an extensive collection of contemporary fine art by master artists, Pulitzer Prize winners,
and Cuban greats, The Gallery on Greene is considered to be one of Key West’s most preeminent galleries.

Nance Frank’s unbridled enthusiasm for curating local art that captures the heritage, culture and local charm of the Keys from 1934 to present day, provides a fantastic look into the minds of the most creative people who have lived in the Florida Keys. If you’d like to meet one of them, stop in and see Nance Frank at The Gallery on Greene, 606 Greene Street in Key West. She’s one fascinating woman.

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Who is your favorite Keys artist?