ion Armando Gonzalez

Armando Gonzalez

Dateline: September 2017. Hurricane Irma just raged through the Keys leaving behind a wake of awe-inspiring destruction that was beyond comprehension. With no power or potable water and much of its housing severely damaged or completely destroyed, the aftermath was shocking — especially for those who rode out the storm.

Armando Gonzalez, owner of Islamorada’s acclaimed Blue Marlin Jewelry and the Keys’ only exclusive Rolex dealer, was one of the brave souls who stayed behind. But time was not on his side when Irma came knocking. Although his own home was ravaged and his shop closed down, the dashing former fire fighter set up a small portable grill outside of his store on Morada Way and for several weeks, flipped hamburgers for hungry residents. But that’s the kind of guy Armando Gonzalez is. Giving back to his beloved community comes naturally and whenever someone needs a helping hand he’s always right there.

On Tuesday nights, you’ll find him at Islamorada’s iconic Green Turtle Restaurant during the weekly “Girls Night Out” radio broadcast where he always brings a beautiful piece of jewelry for the free raffle. On occasion, he’s even donated one of his beautiful Rolex watches for local fundraisers. As for Armando, he’s never without his own stunning gold time piece. It’s a subtle reminder that working hard and giving back sometimes brings just rewards.