Ahhhh….the Florida Keys & Key West!
Connected by 43 bridges, Florida’s final destination, and America’s southernmost paradise, begins just south of Miami in Key Largo and then hopscotches over the Atlantic Ocean, Florida Bay and the Gulf of Mexico until you hit “Destination Florida Keys & Key West.”
We have five fascinating areas, here, starting with Key Largo and Islamorada in the Upper Keys; Marathon which is the heart of the Middle Keys; Big Pine & The Lower Keys; and last but not least, Key West, which is actually closer to Havana than it is to Miami and is also known as the southernmost city in the continental US.

Each area has its own distinctive vibe and personality but all embrace our official island philosophy of “One Human Family” which reflects our respect for diversity and inclusion of all people.
And while all of these magical Keys are world renowned for some of the best fishing, diving, boating and water sports on the planet, our islands are also brimming with unique shops, artists’ studios, galleries, museums and historical attractions, along with highly acclaimed theatrical and musical performances.
Want to know more about the Florida Keys & Key West? Check out DESTINATIONFloridaKeys.com.

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