Destiny called, and Larry Blackburn came running.

At the ripe young age of fourteen, he picked up a camera and never looked back.

But it wasn’t until 1975 when he laid down roots here in the Florida Keys & Key West that Larry’s destiny came into true focus.

His passion and love for our breathtaking island chain, and for the quirky locals who live here, became a common thread in his photographic safari. It didn’t take long for his broad range of styles and award-winning work to be picked up by The New York Times, The Washington Post, Miami Herald and a host of travel publications around the world.

But if there’s one thing that Larry loves as much as taking photos, it’s giving back to the community. Last year he raised more money for AIDS Help than any other Fantasy Fest candidate and was duly crowned the King of Fantasy Fest for 2018.

DESTINATION Florida is proud to feature Larry Blackburn’s work on the cover of our 2019 Fall Festival issue and would like to congratulate him once again for all of his contributions to our island community.